how much does an architect cost ?

The architectural fees are not regulated. They mainly depend on the cost of the works, its complexity and the extent of the architectural mission. However, for a full mission, conception to completion the fees tend to be around 9% to 12% of the cost of the works. The negociated "contrat d'architecte" clearly define the architectural fees.

It's important to keep in mind that the question is not "how much does the architect cost? but "how much is he worth to my project?".

The architect will organize the tender, ensuring you get the best possible value for money contractors and materials, he will make sure the construction techniques are up to standard, hence guaranteeing that the construction will last. He will also optimize energy use and make his design choices in consideration of long-term maintenance cost, another guarantee of a well-thought energy-efficient building which will save you money over the years.

Thanks to its unique design and the stamp of a competent architect, your building gains a design added value which can play a major role in increasing the re-sale price.