why would I use an architect?

After you have agreed the drawings and perspectives, we will proceed to the administrative task of your planning application. We will organise the planning application and obtain all necessary administrative forms. We will consult the technical services of the city council, and defend your interest in accordance with the administrative authorities.

Then, the program, the cost and the schedule of the works are clearly defined. During the works, we will defend your interests against the contractors so that you benefit from a high quality construction at the best possible price. We will follow the works to make sure the contractors build everything according to the plans you approved and that they respect both the quality and the schedule of the works.

Because you know that the cost of maintenance highly depends on the quality of the design and of the works, we will optimize the building in consideration of the climate and the local resources. This will affect the orientation of the building, its integration in its surrounding environment, the construction techniques, the choice of materials, the type of heating system etc. The building economics integrate not only the construction but also the long-term maintenance and energy costs.

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